Welcome to Plays Nicely With Paper

Welcome to Plays Nicely with Paper where we connect passionate paper crafters with manufacturers of paper crafts to produce products that crafters can't wait to buy.

We are a concept and product market research company that provides monthly insights for the crafting industry.  We offer our members:   monthly survey results from passionate crafters from our exclusive Crafty Community©; critical insights/reflections from designers in the industry; convenient access to our blog; and custom manufacturer-initiated research studies.

Exclusive Panel

Each month we will pick a subject in the industry and have our Crafty Community weigh in on their thoughts.  Providing members a pulse on the community in areas like, trends, purchase behavior, sources of purchase and packaging

New Product Database

We believe the best products come from truly understanding your customers and getting and incorporating their feedback on products before they launch.   That is why we are creating the first industry standard specific insights launch criteria for new products.  Manufacturers will be able to determine using these industry standards the appeal of their new products, consumers’ impression on ease of use, interest in buying the new item and how unique they think it is.  All of this information will be compared across, not just your company and your launches, but across industry products so you have a more robust picture on the strength of your new product.

Because our Crafty Community© database is extensive and inclusive, you can choose to look at how well your product does by  regional area, from current users, from new users, industry heavy users and many other specific groups.

Click on the manufacturers link to learn more about how Plays Nicely with Paper can help you create your next successful launch and/or design a research study for your company’s needs.