We are dedicated to the crafting industry.   We choose to focus on paper crafting.  You will not find that unique vigilance combined with our extensive market research experience anywhere.  Because we know our industry, we have crafted our own panel of paper crafting users.  This ensures several things for our manufacturers:  1) You will not pay high recruiting fees to find your consumers within a general population 2) we have tight control over the quality of our research panel sample and can maintain high standards of excellence 3) Because we can recruit for your users and nonusers you can confirm a balanced opinion in your surveys 4) You will have the advantage of knowing your customers as well as your competitors’ customers to address your research needs.


We love creativity and making the world a more beautiful place through crafts.  We ooh and ah when new catalogs come out, online and while browsing the stores.  We are excited about using the products you create and learning from consumers about how they shop, new ways they use your products and what they want next.  This passion is invaluable in understanding the unique challenges and opportunities that exist in the paper crafting industry.  We possess strong industry knowledge developed from years of practicing and participating in the paper crafting industry and are young enough to understand the importance of bringing in younger users to expand the customer base.


For years, we have honed our skills in marketing research.  We have degrees in business.  We have conducted hundreds of research studies.  We have been hired and rehired by clients for market research who have been thrilled with our professionalism and contributions to their brands.  We keep up with the latest market research methodologies and can offer you our knowledge and learning in consumer insights to help make a difference in your business.  We are confident in our ability to design and execute market research to meet your needs.  

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