We are a full service market company that specializes in providing market research for the creative industry.  We have a combined work experience of over 30 years and a passion for the paper crafting industry.

What makes us unique is our focus combined with our experience.

  • We have created a data base of crafters that use your products.  And crafters that use the products of your competitors as well.   Our custom panel allows you to get a complete picture of the crafting landscape without the high prices of recruiting amongst a sea of goods and services in a general research facility.  We specialize in crafting and our panel was built with creative businesses like yours in mind. 
  • We are not only researchers, we are also crafters ourselves.  We can speak the language of your consumers and our questions and follow up questions can help you get to insights that might be missed by generalist research practitioners.
  • We are not new to the industry.  We have attended CHA shows, seen trends come and go, watched and noted the opening and closing of many retailers and plan to be around for the long haul.

We understand that you may not have a dedicated market research resource on staff.  You may not even have an ongoing budget for marketing research.  None of that is an issue.  We can begin wherever you are.

  • We can craft and execute an entire research pan
  • We can handle individual testing or goal specific research within your marketing plan.
  • You can join our Plays Nicely with Paper Monthly Research Group and get market research data and implication each month from consumer surveys for less than your monthly cable bill.

Get started immediately with our monthly insights plan and contact us to discuss project work. 

Our primary goal is helping you build your consumer intelligence and strengthening you new and existing products with solid consumer insights.  Let us be your go to source for insights on the industry, your business and your consumers


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