Research Services Offered

New Product Research

The best products are created with an insight in mind.  That truth, or insight, helps you design products into something your consumer can’t live without.  We can help you find that insight.  Some of the methodologies we use to get to crystallize those insights are:

                Focus groups – online or in person

                Competitive assessments

                In store research

                Product Line Optimization

                Plays Nicely with Paper Concept Research Panel©

Established Product Research

You have ever green products that consistently sell.  When they grow unexpectedly or shrink unexpectedly, it is useful to know why.  With this information you can make changes or improvements to remain evergreen or boost communication.  We can help identify strengths and weaknesses in your current product line in the following ways:

                In home usage tests

                Bulletin boards

                Competitive Assessments

                Packaging Tests


Plays Nicely with Paper Concept Research Panel©

We have the premier new concept testing method for the paper crafting industry.  We have created norms based on new product ranges of success and are able to help predict how successful your new product launch will be.  Early research is especially impactful in creating successful products.  This can save money and resources and allow you to revise or discontinue new products before the expense of create has occurred.


Monthly Survey Research

We have created a way for you to effortlessly keep your fingers on the pulse of your consumer.  We are always asking questions and because we know how to do marketing research we know how to ask questions and gather information to produce results you can trust.  We test a minimum of N=100 respondents each month on a large range of relevant topics and provide the results to our “Plays Nicely” monthly Participants. General subjects cover include but are not limited to, seasonal crafting, crafting budgets, year in review, die cuts, the crafting hour and much more.  In addition to the insights, you also get general implications for how your business can capitalize on the information.



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